Reinventing the hotel experience

The only thing we don't offer is
off-the-shelf solutions.

Hotel Booking

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Services We Offer

Anybody deserves a happy home, even your guests.


Providing interior design
and maintenance
to boost performance


We increase your earnings
up to 50%

Spot cleaning

With your set of rules we
invite the right guests

Green cleaning

A warm welcome
for any guest


Always up to date when
guest check in and out

Perimeter cleaning

For questions, concerns
and repairs

Fred C.

Head and co-founde of Clubfred From Zwitserland.

"90% of your guests come back after a clean experience.

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Whu Hotels Choose Us

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  • Trained by hotel housekeeping
  • Hired and under contract
  • Perfect Dutch or English
  • Happy employees
  • Online safe payment
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Communication on point
  • Only 3% of monthly applications hired